Advice For Guys To Avoid These Male Dating Stereotypes

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As a guy, if you are looking to turn your luck around with the ladies and enjoy more hookups in Perth, there are some things that you can keep in mind.

First thing, you probably know that women have a lot of dating stereotypes of men.

Women definitely hold these things as ‘truth,’ especially when in casual sex relationships.

In fact, these things can even turn women off. In order to be successful when it comes to hooking up in Perth, it is important that you know what these stereotypes are and how to avoid them.

Here are seven stereotypes that women apply to men and how you can avoid doing them:

1 – Men Only Want Sex, Nothing More

One stereotype when it comes to casual sex is that all men want is sex. This, however, isn’t true. Many men out there also want friends.

Though you may not be looking to get into a serious relationship, a friendship based around sex can be a great compromise between a casual and serious relationship.

Make sure that you tell the woman you are with that you only want it to be casual, nothing more.

2 – Men Always Want to Be in Control

Another thing that women will believe is true about men is that they always want to be in control.

Many men show off a side that could seem controlling, but many women don’t realise that men do this because they won’t make a move.

You should come across as a good guy, the type women want, but don’t be afraid to take control if she doesn’t step up.

3 – Men Think They Are Always Good in Bed

Women also tend to believe that all men believe they are great in bed. This isn’t true, of course.

Many men will struggle with the fact that they don’t feel great in bed. Though many men will act like they know what they are doing, this isn’t always a good thing.

There’s a fine line between confidence in this area and arrogance.  Arrogance won’t get you laid in most cases, so remember to be humble too.

4 – Men are Messy and Lazy

Women will also usually believe that all men are lazy and messy. However, there are many men who are very neat and many women who are very messy.

Avoid being caught under this stereotype by ensuring your place is clean before inviting any sex partner over.

5 – Men are Not Romantic

You will also notice that women think men are not romantic. This is an easy stereotype or overcome.

The next time you invite a woman to your home, light candles, play soft music and simply bring on the romance.

Just because you want a Perth casual sex relationship doesn’t mean you don’t want to be romantic whilst doing it.

6 – Men Don’t Have Feelings

There are a number of women who have difficulties knowing the difference between the emotional feelings and physical feelings when it comes to a relationship.

This is why it may seem as if more women fall in love with their Perth casual sex partners than guys do.

However, there are plenty of men who also have feelings for their partners, they just may not want to be in a relationship.

Showing a woman that you have feelings, you just don’t want a commitment can downplay this scenario.

7 – Men are Wild and Crazy in Bed

Finally, there are women who believe that all men want in the bedroom is crazy sex positions and actions.

However, many women also like trying new things like this. Open up some dialogue and don’t worry too much about this stereotype. Instead, have a good time with your partner.