Perth Casual Sex – How And Where To Get Sex In Perth, From Hookups To FWB

Perth Casual Sex

If you’re looking for casual sex Perth, there’s NO BETTER TIME to be dipping into the dating pool.

Of course there’s pubs and nightclubs where plenty of singles interested in casual NSA sex go to meet and hookup.

But the proliferation of dating apps (some only targeting the local crowd, as we will be revealing later) means getting casual sex in the WA capital has never been EASIER.

That’s especially considering one in every four households in Australia is inhabited by a single adult (read prospective personals Perth in this context) according to data from the government.

Easy Sex In Perth

Which can only be good news because let’s be honest, there’s a convenience that comes with seeking sex in Perth on the Internet that just wasn’t possible with face-to-face meetups.

Plus, if given the option, most guys would rather skip the courtship formalities altogether and get straight to the main business. Not that there aren’t those who enjoy the sexually-charged window of time between flirting and sex.

But you probably have a lot going on and serious dating isn’t on the cards right now.

But you still need to get laid.

Whatever develops out of the casual dating sex is a bridge for crossing later. Now, it’s all about sowing those wild oats.

Get More Local Sex

Good thing is, the Perth casual sex landscape holds much promise, although it requires a tactical approach to make meaningful headway with the bevy of hot babes in this city.

Don’t worry, plenty of the singles are thirsty for a good Perth fuck and would fancy a mature casual fuck partner either for quick casual sex or to hook up with on a reg; an ongoing thing.

We love ongoing, as that means having a casual hookup buddy who you can enjoy never-ending free sex in Perth with for as long as you two decide to keep it going.

If you’re up for some spontaneous sex now, there’s heaps of that to tap into.

The same goes if you’re interested in group sex Perth. Or casual anal sex. Whatever tickles your fancy. You just need to know where to look.

And that’s why we’re here.

Fuck Buddies In Perth

Perth Casual Encounters NOW

One question we get asked a lot is how to find casual encounters Perth.

So, we decided to create a detailed guide to help anyone looking for real casual sex (and aren’t we all?) in the city to get Perth sex with more ease.

We will walk you through what casual sex dating is about and fill you in on the best places to have sex in Perth to go hunting for partners who are down for a fuck.

We will also share some apps for casual sex you need to sign up for, as well as how to go about setting up a kick-ass profile on casual hookup sites.

Basically, everything you need to know about casual dating Perth.

So, let’s get straight to it.

Types Of Casual Sex

Casual sex is generally a broad term that could mean either of several types of “situationships”.

To give a casual sex definition, we could say that at the heart of it, it’s engaging in recreational intercourse without any romantic entanglement. Fun sex, if you rather.

There is no commitment, no attachments, no nothing.

You’re in it for the casual sex benefits.

Casual sex is transient – not meant to last forever. It could be a fleeting few minutes of random car sex. Or a casual fuck that ends after just one night of intercourse (one-night stand, say). Or it might probably stretch a couple of weeks, months even.

The reasons for ending could vary.

You probably wanted a random casual hookup partner to satisfy you for the night and get on with your life. The spark of attraction might also fade and the whole thing simply fizzles out.

Some people might also start catching feelings and suddenly it’s not just casual sex anymore.

Casual Sex Into Relationship?

It is for the latter reason that we often advise people to approach casual hookup encounters cautiously as intimacy can slowly creep into a casual sex relationship.

The idea is to shag and get out before matters get complicated.

To have fun while learning to recognise the signs that the time has arrived to call time on the fling. And when that time comes, to just let go with grace and leave with your dignity intact.

Casual sex relationship rules are helpful in this regard as they help keep things in perspective to avoid things getting tricky.

Casual coupling, as we just mentioned, comes in many forms and flavours. Think of it as a carnal carnival that grants you a golden ticket to the hottest rides at the leisure park.

Here are the subtle differences that exist between these common adult sex phrases…

Perth Fuck


A hook up is a general term that could mean different types of situations. For example, a one-night stand can be a form of hook-up, as can different types of casual encounters (see casual encounters below).

At the core of it, hookup Perth is all about sleeping with people you are not serious with. You two might have met each other on a casual sex hookup site or at a casual fuck party and decided to get it on.

Tinder casual sex is a perfect example of an online hook-up.

Casual Encounters

Casual encounters in Perth are exactly that: casual sex hookup between two interested parties.

A casual encounter could be with anyone – a local chick you met online who’s down with a hookup in Perth, a horny cuckold you stumbled upon browsing the casual sex Craigslist section, some uni girls you found on casual hook up websites…

Literally, just about anyone interested in sex.

A casual free sex encounter could refer to either of two things: a sexual liaison between any two individuals (like in the aforementioned cases) or it could be used as an umbrella term to refer to any of the casual hookups Perth we are discussing here – a one-night stand, a fuck buddy, a no strings attached relationship etc.

The phrase provides for plenty of wiggle room when it comes to defining sex without any romantic affiliation between the parties involved.

Perth Hook Up

NSA (No Strings Attached)

No strings dating Perth is not distinctly different from a casual encounter. It could mean different forms of casual sex hook-ups, so long as it’s within the realms of free casual sex. For the most part, that is.

NSA spontaneous sex could be between people who know each other or even strangers. A friends hookup sex encounter, for instance. Or a younger guy fucking a mature woman Perth without bringing romance into the equation.

Basically, fornicating without any feelings involved.

Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits Perth could mean a lot of different things, but the literal meaning of it implies sex between two people who know each other and feel comfortable enough to have sex with the other.

It is characterised by booty calls, often made when one party is in the mood.

Interestingly, one or both friends with benefits may be engaged in a romantic relationship with someone else, so basically the friends with benefits could be seeing each other on the side.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. They could well be single.

Fuck Buddies

Not very different from friends with benefits, a fuck buddy is someone whom you get into a relationship with purely for sex reasons.

But here’s where the subtle difference lies…

Fuck buddies Perth do not necessarily have to be people who have known each other previously. It could be that cutie you met at the bar or club the other day and you two took to each other.

It might have so happened that neither of you is seeing anyone or has had any action in a while so you’re sexually starved and would absolutely do all sorts of mean things to each other if you found yourselves alone together.

So you decide to copulate and turn it into an ongoing thing without being boyfriend and girlfriend.

It’s a symbiotic relationship: either partner wants someone they can fuck whenever the situation allows.

This form of arrangement has the ability to go from casual sex to relationship easily if the rules of casual hookups are not observed.

Fuck Buddies Perth

Mature Casual Sex

Casual mature sex, as the name suggests, is another name for adult casual sex.

This means mature sex Perth could be between singles or married couples over 40 years old – or what you would categorise as married casual sex, aka swinging.

However, this doesn’t mean casual adult sex is exclusively between married folk.

It could, for example, be casual group sex involving a group of people who throw a casual party sex every now and then.

Or between two single parents who could do with an occasional romp. Or basically between two mature people who decide to become casual hookup friends.

You get the idea.

One Night Stand

A one night stand Perth typically involves sex with someone you barely know, let alone met before, and usually happens after meeting at a social setting like a bar, club, party etc.

You’re either under the influence and the sex is not planned in advance – you just happen to meet and are attracted to each other.

A one-night stand might also involve someone who is hoping to get lucky on the night and is actively looking to find a casual sex partner who is game for a one-nighter.

This type of encounter often ends with no expectation of seeing each other again, despite the fact you may have swapped contacts.

It also has the potential to grow into a fuck buddy engagement.

Hookup Perth

How To Find Casual Sex In Perth

Seeking casual sex in Perth these days isn’t as much of a challenge as it was a decade ago.

Of course, casual sex hook up sites were still around, but the liberal culture around a hookup in Perth was still nascent.

At least compared to present day.

These days, there is a growing number of casual sex personals in a city that is home to some 1.3 million people.

You only need hear the casual sex stories doing the rounds to see how commonplace casual fuck meetups have become.

An evolved local casual sex scene can only be good news for anyone looking to find casual fuck partners out and about in Perth.

Thing is, though, while casual hookup dating sites abound, and we live at a time when the culture of casual sex is as open than ever before, building your profile on adult casual fuck sites requires some effort.

Obviously, attracting worthwhile Perth sex buddies will need more than just a one-line bio and grainy profile picture.

On the upside, the hard work you put in won’t be in vain as there are thousands of local beauties who want to meet for casual sex.

There are casual hookup tips that can give you an upper hand when hunting for a casual fuck partner.

But before we get to that, let’s first share some top casual hookup apps and sex sites Perth where you should be directing your energies.

Perth Casual Sex Sites

There are so many real casual sex websites these days that finding the right one can feel overwhelming.

But here are some legit casual hookup sites that guarantee the best results. (the site you’re on now)

What you see with is what you get.

If you need free sex Perth with a like-minded woman who is not looking for anything serious at the moment, this is one of the best casual fuck websites to go looking.

The upside to taking your fuck buddy search on our site is there are no grey areas regarding what both parties are looking for. The writing comes clearly indicated on the tin.

F Buddy Australia

The thing that makes F-Buddy a great platform to go looking for women for sex in Perth is the high ratio of women to men.

Even the law of probability itself dictates that there is a good chance of scoring casual hookups with women when females outnumber the men by 4:1.

Quite right.

Users acknowledge the high success rate new members enjoy on Fuck Buddy Australia.

But there is a price to pay for that, and understandably so. Joining is free, but a monthly membership will set you back around AUD$90, although discounts are offered the longer you become a member.

It’s not lost on the site owners that after a couple of successful dates, you’ll most likely keep your adult dating Perth encounter away from the site.

Be Naughty

The thing that makes Be Naughty one of the best free casual hookup sites is that the site has a presence in only a handful of countries, with Australia being one of those countries.

The geographical targeting makes it an ideal ground to find casual sex near me, and the name of the site holds the clue to what you’re going to find: a good deal of women looking for sex in Perth.

Be Naughty, however, is a casual fuck dating website that also comes with its fair share of women looking for the elusive Mr Right.

With the majority of users falling in the 25-34 demographic, though, this makes it an ideal platform if you’re interested in casual young sex.

The site has been faulted for spamming new users with a barrage of casual sex ads in the form of emails from supposed ‘interested women’.

But it’s a common marketing tactic employed by many a casual fuck site which you can always ignore as real opportunities await if you can position yourself effectively.

Of course, by free casual hookup sites we mean dating sites that have a free membership option with the option of upgrading to premium – as most tend to be.

Adult Matchmaker

With a little under 3 million registered users in Australia alone, Adult Matchmaker is one of the best free casual fuck sites to go looking for sex in Perth.

And the good thing about it?

Unlike most large free casual fuck dating sites, Adult Matchmaker has a large pool of daily active users, which makes it a great platform for pussy hunting.

Better yet, you can even narrow down your search by tailoring it to your own preferences – discrete casual sex is one option, as are parties and events, the filter you want when looking for sex parties Perth.

There is cuckolding, Dom/sub, and something kinky for those who fancy some casual hookup games, among other options. This makes it the perfect random sex finder.

Adult Matchmaker has been voted the Best Adult Website in Australia on plenty of occasion, and it’s not without good reason.


C for casual, C-Date is another casual sex website you should explore. This one promotes anonymous and safe casual encounters and it has managed to garner a solid following since its inception in 2008.

Where To Meet Women Perth

Casual Sex Apps

The good thing about free casual sex apps is the convenience they offer, but you also want to make sure you’re logging in on the right ones.

To avoid spreading yourself too thin, we’ve narrowed down the best casual fuck apps you should consider, and here are a few that make the list.


Widely considered the best casual hookup dating app, there can be no arguing that Tinder delivers. It’s the SI unit for dating apps and can be relied upon to get you some sex in Perth.

And its formula is as straightforward as it comes – swipe left for yay, swipe right for nay.

You can choose to have a detailed profile or leave it as bare-bones as you’d like. With most singles having a presence on this popular casual sex app, establishing casual contacts Perth has never been EASIER.

Tinder is one of the best casual hookup apps for iPhone and Android users alike, with some girls even peddling.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Unlike Tinder which promotes a casual fuck meetup with just about everyone you encounter on the app, Coffee Meets Bagel is more focused on providing you with quality matches in your area.

Every day at midday, the service sends you a carefully curated list of people. While it’s easy to view this as limiting to an extent, it is an approach that saves you endless hours of scrolling through one picture after the next.

This is all intentional and meant to allow everyone to give everyone else a chance. Just what we want when interested in casual fuck with strangers.


OkCupid is one of the oldest dating services out there, but that can be a good thing if you look at it from the point of view that it carries a boatload of potential casual sex partners.

Sure, some are looking for long-term commitment, but you’ll also find girls looking for sex Perth if you filter them out.

The profile setup is the boring part that requires some bit of time and effort, though you’ll find it time well spent when you start reaping the benefits. But you’ll also come across some naughty questions which can steer the convo into exciting territory.

If your interest is to find sex in Perth, you can out rightly mention in your profile that “I love casual sex”.

Okay, that might not be a great selling point as you might send out the wrong signals and girls might mistake you for a gigolo. Instead, you could just say ‘I’m interested in hooking up’.

If you’re lucky, you’ll meet plenty of horny women also interested in casual hot sex.


Whiplr promises something different from what you’ll find on tinder or any other casual sex app Australia.

Promoting itself as the biggest service for the fetish community, Whiplr specially caters to kinksters. If you’re into kinky sex, this is the best app casual sex for that.

The tricky part will be getting sex contacts Perth who share similar interests as you.

Perth NSA

Classifieds Sites

Classified sites make it easy to find women casual sex without having to look too hard. That’s because this is where most of the sex ads Perth go.

You’ll find a lot of women who want casual sex by simply browsing the w4m casual sex category on these sites.

In other words, casual fuck classifieds are a hotbed for women looking to get laid, and they’re pretty clear about it.

Some want anal sex in Perth, others just need some male company for the night, while a good number are there for a casual fuck only.

More than that, what else you’ll love about classified sites is the plethora of options they offer. Not just in terms of the experiences. Every type of girl can be found here – local girls, ebony girls, girls offering Japanese casual sex, or Thai, or Chinese; you name it.

If you’re a man of unique tastes, chances are you’ll find someone to cater to them in the classifieds – Asian random sex, adult nursing, BBW, massage sex Perth; whatever you’re into.

But what you will notice on these sites is that a casual fuck for free is not a given.

A good number of the casual sex listings you’ll find are sex-for-cash, but at least it’s cheap sex Perth for the most part.

Here are some classified sites that promise the best results…


Locanto has emerged as one of the go-to sites for anyone looking for casual hookup women. With a dedicated Locanto casual sex category, it’s easy to see why.

Like we said, random sex girls here will be a mix – some just need a fuck buddy, while others will need a token of appreciation.

You’re allowed to post free casual fuck ads, although there is a premium monthly plan that goes for about AUD5 or thereabouts.

Locanto casual Perth is a sure bet if you’re looking to get some proper action.


Getting casual sex on Craigslist is easier than rolling off a log.

While the service suspended the personals section due to legal issues, Craigslist casual encounters Perth are still thriving than ever before.

You can find Craigslist Perth sex ads hidden under the various categories. The writing section under Discussion forums, for instance [*sticks tongue out emoji]. Or marriage. Or sports.


Casual sex Gumtree can be found in the Friends & Dating tab under ‘More Services’.

Unlike the other two, you will need to register first before you can start your casual local hookup search on Gumtree, an ads site that already christens itself a ‘trusted dating site’.

BBW Perth

Paid Sex?

Like a bar or small town restaurant, women of the night can be found in every town in the world.

There are many sex workers in Perth strewn across the myriad sex shops in the city.

We’re not against visiting sex stores in Perth, especially for those times when you can’t seem to shut out the sexual urge.

It’s quick and hassle-free, and the only thing that does the talking is your money.

That’s all good, but if you ask us, casual dating Perth is the way to go.

And here’s why…

This is not a regular relationship so you’re not answerable to your girlfriend or boyfriend. You and your casual fuck partner are in it for the sex alone with no strings attached.

If you’ve been flying solo for a while, you know too well that one of the biggest downside of being out of a relationship is the LACK OF guaranteed sex when you need it most.

Which is often.

While being a regular patron in a sex shop Perth can help stifle those sexual cravings, it’s just not the same as having a fuck buddy you can have a naughty with for an entire night.

And booty call each other whenever you crack a fat.

Not forgetting, paying for sex can turn into a more expensive pastime than chain smoking, and we don’t want it to get there.

Single Girls Near Me

Perth Casual Sex Dating – Setting Up Your Profile

Dating sites and apps are all the rage these days, which means finding sex sites Perth should be easy-peasy.

We already shared some of the top casual fuck sites free you need to have a presence on, but that’s only half the battle won.

The next step is to create a kickass profile before you embark on your search for casual sex dates.

The requirements will vary from one platform to another, obviously, but the whole idea is to set up a stand-out profile that gives you the best chance of finding some hot girls casual sex.

Here are some tips for casual fuck dating profiles you might want to borrow:

Be upfront – We alluded to this earlier. You see, unless you’re joining these sites in search of a long-term partner, you need to come right out and state your case.

If it’s sex Perth you need, just say it.

Instead of being overt and saying “I want casual sex”, though, try something like “Looking to have fun”, or “Not looking for anything serious”, or “No strings attached”.

That narrows down your pool but ensures you match people who want the same thing as you.

Drop hints about your lifestyle – Nobody knows who’s who in the casual hookup online world.

Dating casual sex in particular is tricky considering you won’t necessarily be meeting in a public space even for the first encounter, more so with one-night stands and other quick hook-ups.

Dropping hints about your lifestyle thus helps give a glimpse into what you’re about. It’s a smart idea to come off honest from the get-go.

Upload some photos – Online dating is a looks-based endeavour, let’s not lie to ourselves.

This is why casual pics go a long way here. In addition to the lead photo – which needs to be a solo shot – include some additional pics for diversity.

These help matches form an impression of you depending on whether you’re paragliding, kitted out in your running gear, or skulling a coldie at the game.

Avoid these photo mistakes – Photos are a great selling point on a casual hookup free website, so make sure to choose carefully.

Opt for happy, relaxed photos as opposed to over-dressed pics or pensive shots. You might want to leave out photos of you wearing cheap sunnies at the crowded public beach or casual sex nude pics showing off your donger.

Avoid too many filters too. Anything watermarked 14/06/2004 is a no, so is posting group shots that don’t really tell which one is you. You don’t do duckface, do you?

Be positive – Sure, you’re not looking for a marriage partner, but nobody wants casual friend hookup with a broody partner either.

Avoid touchy subjects – Being clear on what gets you up in the morning is nice and all, but casual fuck hookup sites are not the place to bring up divisive topics like politics and so on.

Hookup In Perth

Casual Sex Perth – How To Guide For Guys

1) Find a good site/app

With the growth of online dating, this space has evolved over the years and we are now witnessing more and more dating services and apps start branching out into niche products.

Traditional services like eHarmony and Match are more suited to regular dating, while app casual sex services like Tinder and F Buddy Australia are the go-to apps for casual hook-up needs.

There is no better slump buster out there than a site or app that largely revolves around helping people get their match in the sack.

2) Search locally

Now that you’ve signed up to a casual fuck dating app or site, the next thing you need to do is zero in on members interested in casual sex nearby.

You can find casual hookups nearby by using filters to find women looking for sex in Perth.

Try a mix of both larger and local websites to cast your nets wider instead of limiting yourself to only local-based apps.

3) Chat, flirt and arrange a coffee/drink meetup

Once you find members that make your balls tickle, it’s time to get chatting. You’re not interested in a romantic relationship, so no need to overthink anything when initiating conversation.

If they warm up to your mating dance, it’s game on.

Otherwise, there’s plenty of fish in the sea so keep looking.

Dating, casual or otherwise, is a numbers game.

When approaching a potential sex buddy Perth online, you can try a wink, but the problem with winks is they tend to prolong the length of the conversation stage.

You’re too horny to wait weeks for a response.

Send a light message instead.

Keep it short (think 2 to 3 sentences), something that allows them to give you a response without being overly long.

Don’t drag out the online chats.

Once you start getting some good vibes, aim to take the conversation offline ASAP by asking for her casual fuck contacts – or offer yours. When you get to this stage successfully, you will have navigated the trickiest aspect of luring an online fuck buddy.

All that remains now is to start a casual sex chat on WhatsApp – or whatever messaging app she uses – from where you can arrange to meet in person.

Based on the nature of your meeting, you don’t have to sell yourself too much as you would on a regular date – that’s one upside of casual hook-ups.

Still, get to know the girl first and show her that you care a bit before you start making overtures and offering to show her what you’re made of.

That’s how to have a casual sex relationship, or start one for that matter.

4) Give her good sex!

Good sex is the foundation of every fuck buddy relationship.

If you can’t offer that, you can bet she’ll be itching to go seek it somewhere else.

We can’t let that happen now, can we?

Learn some good casual sex positions if you must, but make sure you bring your A-game when things get hot and heavy.

5) Turn sex into a friends with benefits/fuck buddy arrangement

The only thing that will convince a woman to stick with you as her fuck buddy is (yup!) great sex.

Of course, there are some casual sex rules to observe – hygiene and respect, for example, and making her feel like a woman (don’t confuse this to mean a simp).

However, serving her the best casual sex she’s had in years will give her some food for thought if she had any ideas of ghosting you after the first encounter.

Sexy Single Women Perth

Using Sex Toys With Your Perth Fuck Buddy

One of the casual hookup relationship rules of engagement is to be forthright with one another. Let your partner know your likes and dislikes, and respect hers without pushing the boundaries.

This doesn’t mean to be too uptight, though. Feel free to try new things with your sex Perth partner, as long as you’re comfortable with it.

If she’s into sex toys, let her know you’re down with being her best playmate – again, provided you’re comfortable with it.

If you love your kinks, great. Visit sex shops in Perth and find some products that speak to both of you.

Public Sex Perth

Sometimes, circumstances, whatever those may be, might not allow you to take casual sex girls home.

In such instances, casual public sex could be an option.

Only question is, where is it conducive to have public sex Perth without the inconvenience of humping in the car – unless you don’t mind voyeurs?

Good casual sex free calls for a nice secluded spot where there is minimal risk of getting caught. The last thing you need is to go dogging in public only for a shaken little old lady to call the police on you.

While some spots like graveyards might be secluded, you also don’t want to get it on in some creepy location.

Or do you?

If you have to do it in public, at least find a spot that guarantees some form of privacy. That is, if you don’t want to be “that couple” that ended up on the national news for their amorous public displays of affection.

Casual office sex is a perfect option if you have an office that can guarantee some privacy. Otherwise, a quiet park can make for a great spot to get naughty in nature (but make sure it’s in a safe part of town).

The beach is another option to indulge in sex Perth, so that’s an alternative you can always explore. Got a truck? You might consider finding an isolated area and doing it under the stars?

Your ingenuity is your only limit. Just make it’s safe and you can have some quality time without having to look over your shoulder every minute – depending on who’s on top.

Unless, of course, you’re an exhibitionist who doesn’t mind putting on a show.

NSA Perth

Casual Sex Q&A

Will I regret casual sex?

We don’t know about you, but we think finding a beautiful someone to get laid Perth without attachments is the best thing ever.

Which is the best way to get casual sex in my area?

Depends. Is it a one-time thing? Consider the classifieds sites. Or a sex club Perth in your neck of the woods.

For an ongoing casual sex or relationship with a fuck buddy, a free casual hookup finder website is your best bet.

When should I ask a casual partner about their sexual health?

It’s a good idea to have this talk before things get steamy. If your partner is clean, it shouldn’t be a big deal whatsoever.

That goes for casual sex married partners as well.

Are there any particular tips that would boost my chances of getting casual sex in Perth?

Yeah, there is some casual sex advice that can prove useful. Like working on yourself fitness-wise. And not skipping on the grooming.

And respecting those you meet on a casual sex forum, site, app etc.

Is casual sex etiquette a thing?

Very much so, yes. Disregard it at your own peril.

I want to have sex again with my partner. How do I let her know?

That was fun, we should do it again”. Tell her that. BUT…Give her good sex first. Then you don’t have to worry about it.

Can casual sex lead to love?

Yup! Gotta be careful in these streets.

Perth Fuck Buddies


For NSA sex Perth, the local scene is thriving. It promises a little something for everyone, and good thing is, you don’t have to visit a sex club or wait for the occasional sex parties in Perth to find a partner.

The Internet has changed online hook-ups for the better.

You can now easily find local sex Perth without leaving the relative comfort of your home.

And it’s incredibly diverse, offering everything from Asian sex Perth, to ebony personals, older women, BBW casual sex partners, you name it.

Consider bookmarking a casual sex blog (or two) like ours to get detailed insights into how to get sex contacts in Perth before ultimately getting your match to bed.

You can also find tips on how to turn casual sex into a relationship, if that’s the goal.

In closing, we can say it pays to distinguish casual hook-ups from regular relationships. It’s important to be clear about your dating goals and boundaries before you venture into it to avoid getting lost at sea.

Trust us, that’s something you don’t want happening because it’s likely to end in tears.

Dating Stereotypes: Top 7 Stereotypes Women Have For Guys

Advice For Guys To Avoid These Male Dating Stereotypes

Casual Sex Perth

As a guy, if you are looking to turn your luck around with the ladies and enjoy more hookups in Perth, there are some things that you can keep in mind.

First thing, you probably know that women have a lot of dating stereotypes of men.

Women definitely hold these things as ‘truth,’ especially when in casual sex relationships.

In fact, these things can even turn women off. In order to be successful when it comes to hooking up in Perth, it is important that you know what these stereotypes are and how to avoid them.

Here are seven stereotypes that women apply to men and how you can avoid doing them:

1 – Men Only Want Sex, Nothing More

One stereotype when it comes to casual sex is that all men want is sex. This, however, isn’t true. Many men out there also want friends.

Though you may not be looking to get into a serious relationship, a friendship based around sex can be a great compromise between a casual and serious relationship.

Make sure that you tell the woman you are with that you only want it to be casual, nothing more.

2 – Men Always Want to Be in Control

Another thing that women will believe is true about men is that they always want to be in control.

Many men show off a side that could seem controlling, but many women don’t realise that men do this because they won’t make a move.

You should come across as a good guy, the type women want, but don’t be afraid to take control if she doesn’t step up.

3 – Men Think They Are Always Good in Bed

Women also tend to believe that all men believe they are great in bed. This isn’t true, of course.

Many men will struggle with the fact that they don’t feel great in bed. Though many men will act like they know what they are doing, this isn’t always a good thing.

There’s a fine line between confidence in this area and arrogance.  Arrogance won’t get you laid in most cases, so remember to be humble too.

4 – Men are Messy and Lazy

Women will also usually believe that all men are lazy and messy. However, there are many men who are very neat and many women who are very messy.

Avoid being caught under this stereotype by ensuring your place is clean before inviting any sex partner over.

5 – Men are Not Romantic

You will also notice that women think men are not romantic. This is an easy stereotype or overcome.

The next time you invite a woman to your home, light candles, play soft music and simply bring on the romance.

Just because you want a Perth casual sex relationship doesn’t mean you don’t want to be romantic whilst doing it.

6 – Men Don’t Have Feelings

There are a number of women who have difficulties knowing the difference between the emotional feelings and physical feelings when it comes to a relationship.

This is why it may seem as if more women fall in love with their Perth casual sex partners than guys do.

However, there are plenty of men who also have feelings for their partners, they just may not want to be in a relationship.

Showing a woman that you have feelings, you just don’t want a commitment can downplay this scenario.

7 – Men are Wild and Crazy in Bed

Finally, there are women who believe that all men want in the bedroom is crazy sex positions and actions.

However, many women also like trying new things like this. Open up some dialogue and don’t worry too much about this stereotype. Instead, have a good time with your partner.

Speed Dating Perth Mistakes – Does Speed Dating Really Work?

Speed Dating Perth

Speed Dating Perth

Speed dating nights are popping up in Perth. You see them advertised in pubs, clubs and cafes, by people who know nothing about dating, and others are held by dating services, including online dating sites, that want their members to get together for a good night out.

How well does speed dating Perth work though? Let’s explore the mistakes that people make in the search of a relationship.

The idea of speed dating is that you meet a range of different people for a short period of time – maybe even only for a few minutes.

You will spend your night rotating around tables in a structured manner, talking to each of your potential matches to see if you have a spark.

At the end of the night, after you’ve given your sexy elevator speech many, many times, you can all indicate if there is someone you’d like to date again – for longer.

Quick Dating?

Speed dating sound great, because it’s quick. Dating can be a notoriously slow and complicated process, so for someone who wants their results now, speed dating Perth might sound like a great idea.

Meeting a room full of single guys or girls could be an exciting time for someone who hasn’t had any action in a while, and the great thing is that all of these single people will actually spend time talking to you.

The problem is though, despite the number of people you haphazardly meet, you still might not get any action.

Who will you meet on your date?

There are a lot of people in this world, and finding a relationship can be challenging because we aren’t all right for everyone.

So, what makes you think that sitting ten random strangers down in a pub or club will get you the perfect match?

These people might have been selected by gender and age, but you won’t find anything more personalised than that.

The only thing you could have in common with your speed dating partners is that they are single, and looking for a quick fix too.

What’s the rush?

Perth speed dating can be fun, but why do you need to do it so quickly? Can you really learn about a person from a few minutes of conversation?

What can you gain from these face-to-face meetings that you could not have from an online dating site?

The great thing about online dating is that you can gain a quick overview of a person from their profile, and if they aren’t interesting, then you move on.

You don’t even need to spend the rest of a time period talking to them.

Wouldn’t it be better to find a few potential matches (who you are really interested in) online, and then spend a proper date with them to learn what they are really like?

For Perth casual sex, checkout our article on how and where to meet local singles.

Is speed dating just a gimmick?

Speed dating sounds fun, and you might even have a good social night out. You could certainly meet people you haven’t connected with before, enjoy a few drinks and try something new.

But how many speed daters in Perth are looking for a serious relationship vs how many are simply looking for something casual?

Speed dating can be expensive, especially if you take a liking to several other speed daters and arrange a first date at some stage.

If time and money are important to you, maybe Perth speed dating just isn’t right for you?